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Localization can be your competitive advantage 

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Is your localization approach expensive, slow and full of errors? Is it difficult to use the same tone of voice across all languages?

Lean Localization makes it easy to enter all the markets you want to be active in – using a scalable approach that leads to fewer mistakes and highly accelerated turn-around time. 

Let your content flow into new markets




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Lean Localization Management

Are you looking to translate your content or product – and do you need help organizing this? And would you like to have it set up in such a way that things will run smoothly ever after?

I design and implement the workflows and solutions that you need. Nothing less, but more importantly, nothing more.

No more waste. Only value.

Lean localization ACademy

Are you responsible for translations in your company and do you want to learn how Lean Localization increases your results and can make your life better? The Lean Localization Academy will teach you exactly this.

No more evangelizing translations. After this training you will be able to discuss issues on a strategic level and make the right decisions for your company and get buy-in from higher management.

Translators as a service

Do you need full transparency and flexibility when it comes to your localization processes? Then it might be advantageous to work with translators directly.

With Translators as a Service, TaaS, you can work directly with translators – without having to deal with any of the admin.


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My name is Anouk Perquin. I have a passion for making things right – and I am using it to fix localization problems.

If you need someone to organize your localization efforts – and make sure they run smoothly ever after, book a call.

What my clients say

She's a wizard

Simon Gray

We were not only able to meet the deadline but also exceed quality expectations!

Curtis Deysel
Lobster Ink

I highly recommend Anouk. There is a lot to learn from her expertise!

Robin Vereijken
Heras MF&S

Anouk is one of the best I have worked with in my entire career

Dennis Balk

We asked for a translation process but what we got is so much more

Jeroen Guldemond

What I appreciate most is her vast experience and the friendly way in which she manages to convey all that info

Valentina Banciu

Her combined knowledge of the technical side and process/project management makes her unique

Karin Kamphuis

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We can help!