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Lobster Ink

“I was incredibly impressed with the work done by Anouk and her team. We had an enormous project that needed to be done in 5-6 months and we simply could not achieve this with our current batched process of work. Through a carefully developed one-piece-flow process we were not only able to meet the deadline but also exceed quality expectations! The process has revolutionised the way we work and is being implemented for all future projects. I’m really grateful for the collaborative approach with a clear focus on solutions!”

Curtis Deysel
Lobster Ink

Easy LMS

It’s always great to work with Anouk on a challenging problem. She helped us make a decision how to go about translating the documentation in our help center into 5 languages. The solution she came up with will save us a lot of money. We’re experienced using a continuous improvement framework but Anouk still amazed us with her advice how to apply that to the content creation and translation process.

We asked for a translation process but what we got is so much more. Anouk used her Quick Scan method to gather data and insights and she applied her knowledge about translations but also about continuous improvement. Within a couple of days we gained a broad perspective on the whole content creation and translation flow. We now have actionable steps to make our content creation scalable and a way to test a fully automated and scalable translation process. 

When we have this process running we will have saved thousands of euros, have a scalable content creation process and a help center that can be easily scaled up to all the 10 languages we offer.

Jeroen Guldemond

“Anouk and her team helped my company set up an effective and enjoyable translation process. They took great interest in understanding our specific needs and requirements, so instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, together we were able to come up with a process that works for us. Although the specifics of our situation were less common, Anouk and her team were able to foresee and address potential issues ahead of time. In close to no time, we were able to complete successful translation projects on our own, with minimal effort and stress, low cost, and high quality. I worked closely with Anouk, and what I appreciate most is her vast experience and the friendly way in which she manages to convey all that info. It would be a pleasure to work with her again.”

Valentina Banciu

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