About us

Anouk&Co advises companies when they experience that their translation process is hindering them in achieving their international ambitions. We help them set up the most cost effective and fastest translation process so they can publish their content in multiple languages without effort.

My name is Anouk Perquin and I have been working in the translation industry for over 15 years. In this time I have taken on a variety of roles including: head of project management, commercial director, business controller, and director of innovation.

In this time, it has become clear to me that quality in translation can only be achieved if on the client side processes are very well organized.

This is where my knowledge and expertise comes in. I can help clients optimize their translation processes, ensuring that everyone involved is adding value. This also means cutting out as many middle men as possible – leading to speed, lower costs and better quality.

Anouk&Co consists of myself, Ellen Cuijpers and Tessa Kempen. We complement each other both in character and what we love to do.

  • Ellen is the implementation specialist of Anouk&Co. She assists clients in adopting new processes and makes sure that process improvement is central to everything.
  • Tessa is Lean Black Belt consultant of Anouk&Co. She designs and analyzes processes and reports
  • Anouk is solutions architect and thought leader of Anouk&Co. She performs the quick scans, designs solutions and supports the consultants.

For more details check my profile and articles on LinkedIn and Medium: