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How to publish in multiple languages - effortlessly

You are doing business internationally and in the near future you are ready to scale up to even more regions. To keep up with your clients’ needs in this digital world you need your content online in multiple languages. And it needs to be fast, cost-effective and scalable.

You are reaching the limits of your current translation solution. In order to expand to more regions or publish more and better content, you need more automation, faster turnaround times and more flexibility. Also, costs have to be minimized to ensure the ROI of producing multilingual content.

Anouk&Co works with companies that see the potential of scaling up internationally but are experiencing the complexity and costs of the translation process. If you’re ready to increase your revenue internationally, and you want to know how to publish in multiple languages in a simple and cost-effective way, we can help.

What working with us has brought our previous clients:


  • Simplification and scalability of the process
  • Easily adding languages or content
  • Double the speed for time to market
  • Over 80% reduction on translation costs – both internally and externally

How do we work?

We run an assessment on your current situation and deliver a report which tells you how to make your translation process ready for scale-up. No matter your budget, there is always a solution for you.

You will be able to execute most of the plan yourself, but in case you need any help, we are available to support you with the implementation and refinement of a lean translation process, the design and implementation of your IT- infrastructure, temporary project management, translator sourcing and management.

Who is Anouk&Co?

Anouk&Co are Anouk Perquin, Ellen Cuijpers and Tessa Kempen. Together we have over 30 years experience in the translation industry. We complement each other both in character and what we love to do. What makes us stand out from the crowd, is that we look at proven process methodologies, specifically LEAN and the Toyota Kata, and implement these for localization.

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