Lean Localization

Join us for a revolutionary new approach to localization management


In this 1,5 hour Lean Localization Masterclass, you’ll learn what steps to take to measure and improve the success of your Localization Program, so that you get the job satisfaction, recognition and support for improvements from your stakeholders. 

We will discuss how to: 


    Connect the dots between overall strategic goals and your day-to-day work


    Create amazing results on the metrics that matter – for everyone to see


    Move from stressful project management to joyful process management


    Easily cut your turnaround times in half - or even better


    27 May 14 pm CET 


    The session is online

    – Costs are 97 euros, but Early Bird price is only 69 euros!

    – Early Bird rates are applicable until one week before the masterclass.

    – All amounts are ex VAT. 



    An infographic that sums up the Masterclass


    a strategic call to get you started with the implementation of Lean Localization

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