What clients say

Lobster Ink

“I could not recommend Anouk more. Seriously.

I’d pick up the phone at 4am if you called to ask for a reference. I can’t guarantee such commitment from everyone else on my team who also had the pleasure to work with and learn from her, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar they’d all agree she’s a wizard.

I think I learned more about how to ACTUALLY run an agile process from Anouk than every other person I’ve ever worked with combined.

Which is funny, right? Because she’s meant to be a localisation guru not an agile coach. Turns out she has the language stuff nailed down so tight she can do it with her eyes closed, which means she has time (backed by generosity) to teach you about the fundamentals of building a successful culture of iterative development.

Very fast. Amazing communicator. She knew all the tips and tricks about how to get ALL the stakeholders on board. She made all my colleagues she worked with WANT to help because they felt what they were contributing was really valuable. Excellent judgement from day 1 – every time we came up against an issue she knew how to figure it out and she was always right (even if she let me be wrong or remain unwitting maybe a tad too long). In sum she’s a world-class localisation expert.

Am I coming on too strong? I don’t care. The point is this – it’s nice to help people avoid painful situations, and having been in a pinch before Anouk fixed it up for me, I’d like to pay it forward and make sure anyone looking for a localisation solution knows to look no further.

Thank you, Anouk! Everyone else, take heed.
(FYI she didn’t know I was going to write this)

Simon Gray

Easy LMS

It’s always great to work with Anouk on a challenging problem. She helped us make a decision how to go about translating the documentation in our help center into 5 languages. The solution she came up with will save us a lot of money. We’re experienced using a continuous improvement framework but Anouk still amazed us with her advice how to apply that to the content creation and translation process.

We asked for a translation process but what we got is so much more. Anouk used her Quick Scan method to gather data and insights and she applied her knowledge about translations but also about continuous improvement. Within a couple of days we gained a broad perspective on the whole content creation and translation flow. We now have actionable steps to make our content creation scalable and a way to test a fully automated and scalable translation process. 

When we have this process running we will have saved thousands of euros, have a scalable content creation process and a help center that can be easily scaled up to all the 10 languages we offer.

“I can highly recommend working with Anouk if you want to set up and run translation projects within your company. Within a few months she managed to set up a smoothly operating translation system and translation process at Hubs. Anouk works very methodical, she is persistent and willing to get to the bottom of issues to be able to properly fix them. Her combined knowledge of the technical side and process/project management makes her unique. Great fun working with you Anouk!”


Anouk helped me tremendously to connect localization goals with the business side of things, and triggered a pivotal mind shift from project management to process management. Among other things I learnt how to measure improvements and report to senior management in a clear and concise manner making sense to people not familiar with localization. I highly recommend Anouk’s Lean Localization approach to anyone interested, it will most definitely help open doors in anyone’s future career.

Localization Manager

Lobster Ink

“I was incredibly impressed with the work done by Anouk and her team. We had an enormous project that needed to be done in 5-6 months and we simply could not achieve this with our current batched process of work. Through a carefully developed one-piece-flow process we were not only able to meet the deadline but also exceed quality expectations! The process has revolutionised the way we work and is being implemented for all future projects. I’m really grateful for the collaborative approach with a clear focus on solutions!”

Curtis Deysel
Lobster Ink

“Anouk and her team helped my company set up an effective and enjoyable translation process. They took great interest in understanding our specific needs and requirements, so instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, together we were able to come up with a process that works for us. Although the specifics of our situation were less common, Anouk and her team were able to foresee and address potential issues ahead of time. In close to no time, we were able to complete successful translation projects on our own, with minimal effort and stress, low cost, and high quality. I worked closely with Anouk, and what I appreciate most is her vast experience and the friendly way in which she manages to convey all that info. It would be a pleasure to work with her again.”

Valentina Banciu

Lobster Ink

I really liked working with Anouk. She helped my former employer, Heras MF&S, to build a one piece flow to renew our website. Before Anouk and her expertise had joined the team, we were looking at a long list of things we should do. Together with Anouk we managed to set a target condition and worked towards the goal step by step.

Anouk really challenges you to think outside the box. In the beginning it can feel like ‘a pain in the ass’ when she starts asking all her questions. But eventually I got a better understanding of our problem and could think of a solution. Thanks to her questions and the way she challenged me, we managed to create a great new website and a one piece flow which we still use for translating content in multiple languages.

In short: I highly recommend Anouk. There is a lot to learn from her expertise!”

Heras MF&S

Anouk is one of the best I have worked with in my entire career.

Others can fill you in on how amazing she is as a translation expert, project manager and communicator. I will echo Simon Grays’ for the full 100%, Anouk is a wizard.

Instead, I’ll take this moment to encourage any engineer who gets the chance to work with Anouk to listen very closely and take notes. It might be the best masterclass you’ll get in problem-solving, process management, and in getting to the bottom of a difficult problem. It was the first time that I got to work with someone who just jumped into our company and bit by bit, question by question, managed to transform the entire way we handle content management and localization. Not only that, but it’s helped me tremendously with getting a broader view of why we do certain things, and how our technologies and processes strengthen each other.

The six months I got to work with Anouk directly have been some of the most enjoyable months of my career. If you *really* want to grow in your career, work with Anouk!