Does this sound familiar?

Translation is slowing down the time to market of my product

We want to increase the number of languages and our current process is not capable of scaling up

Technical and translation errors are affecting the user experience

My content changes a lot and updating the translations costs unproportional time and money

Translation projects are usually stressful and take a toll on my people

We can help

We see many companies that are struggling with these problems. And more often than not, it stops them from reaching their full potential internationally. Why? Often, translation workflows have become extremely complex because the problems are solved at all the wrong places in the process.

We know how to assess where the real cause of the problems lies, and how to truly solve the bottlenecks. We will simplify your translation process and it will become scalable, cost-effective and fast. At last, you will be able to publish your content in as many languages you need. Effortlessly.

So are you about to expand internationally and do you foresee problems with the inevitable scale up of languages? Save yourself unnecessary time, costs and investments and schedule your free assessment now.

Our Consultancy Products

These are the products we developed to help you get in business internationally. If you require more elaborate support we can accommodate you with a custom made proposal. Contact us to find out more.

Language Start-up package

You want to increase your online revenues by expanding internationally but you are dreading the complexity and costs of the inevitable translation.

With the Start Up Translation package you are able to take the leap into international business at the least possible risk.

I will assess what you want to achieve and tell you how to make it happen – and how to start. Most likely, you have the skills and knowledge to execute the plan yourself. Additional support can be booked.

The Multilingual Start-up Package consists of:

  • Assessment call (free)
  • Quick scan Lite
  • Report
  • Discussion of report and adjustments

Price: 999,-

Language Scale-up package

You are doing business internationally and in the near future you are ready to scale up to even more regions. To keep up with your clients’ needs in this digital world you need your content online in multiple languages. And it needs to be fast, cost-effective and scalable. 

You are reaching the limits of your current translation solution. In order to expand to more regions or publish more and better content, you need more automation, faster turnaround times and more flexibility. Also, costs have to be minimized to ensure the ROI of producing multilingual content.

The Language Scale-Up Package will give you the answer how to achieve this. I will assess your current process and business goals and show you how to align them. I will provide you with an actionable plan and deliver the support you need during  implementation.

The package consists of: 

  • Assessment call (free)
  • Quick scan
  • Report and implementation plan
  • Discussion of report and adjustments
  • Presentation for stakeholders
  • How to continue

Price: 2500,-

Language Unicorn

You are quite advanced in your Localization Strategy. You understand how important it is to speak to your client in the language they understand. Still, revenues in translated languages still lag behind the original language. Before you scale up to more regions you want to make sure there is an ROI on adding more languages.

You feel that it is time for the next step and really treat your translated content the same as your original content. Same speed, same quality. Same revenue.

With the Language Unicorn package I will take you to the next level of publishing multilingual content. Through a  thorough assessment of the current situation and an analysis of the current bottlenecks, I will design your perfect process and provide recommendations on how to proceed.

The Translation Unicorn package consists of:

  • Assessment call (free)
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Quick Scan Pro (custom)
  • Report and recommendations
  • Discussion of report and adjustments
  • Presentation to stakeholders
  • How to continue

Price: 5000,-