The Agile Approach

Sometimes, especially in translation, we tend to forget that it’s all about the user. We worry about deadlines, costs and whether our stakeholders are happy with the result.

Putting the end user (meaning: your reader) in a central position is what it means to me to be agile. The user defines:


What content needs to be created and translated, in what order

The speed that language versions need to be published


The quality that is needed to achieve the goal you set for your content

The value your content has

Agile content creation and translation is all about the user. So how do we know what they need? By publishing content fast, measuring the effect and implementing the user’s feedback at the speed of lightning.

 I am an agile and lean consultant, focussing specifically on global content. You may know me from my greatest hits:


First publish, then edit


Quality of your content is defined by the speed you can process user feedback


Translate as soon as your content is feedback ready


Use the knowledge and expertise of your translators


Optimize the whole


Find the root cause of your problems before coming up with a solution

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