Localization Management:

Translation Programs that make you money

Does this happen to you too?

I am losing money because translation is slowing down the time to market of my product

We want to increase the number of languages and our current process is not capable of scaling up

The User Experience just isn’t the same in other languages 


My content changes a lot and updating the translations costs unproportional time and money

Translation projects are usually stressful and take a toll on my people

We help your international business move forward

Are you losing money on products in your warehouse that can’t be sold until you have updated your content in all languages? Is your marketing content topical and spot on in English, but completely outdated by the time you’re happy with the tone of voice in other languages – if that ever happens? And are launches of your software product delayed because the translation is missing or inaccurate?

Publishing your content in multiple languages is vital in taking your product abroad. Doing it right, you can beat your competitors to the punch when penetrating new markets. And if done badly, it can be the cause of major organizational and technical problems, leading to a downfall of your revenue instead of the growth that you had in mind. 

If you’re ready to make translation work for you instead of against you, this is the time to reach out. 

New method for localization management

We have created a method, based on Lean methodology, that ensures translation problems are history. It aligns this tedious process with your long-term international goals, so that you only do what is absolutely necessary.

We will make your translation workflow run smoothly, and make sure it still does after we leave.

Within three to six months you will experience short-term benefits such as:

Your time to market for your product is no longer impacted by the need for translation

More languages and content without increasing your internal workforce

Content that truly speaks the language of your client base

Cost deduction up to 50%

In the long run, you will find that your international customers will be more engaged and new countries are rolled out more smoothly. Translation will be a game changer and a huge differentiator in reaching an international audience.

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My name is Anouk Perquin. I have a passion for making things right – and I am using it to fix localization problems.

I want to help you make the right decisions when you are in need of localized content. So after – or before – you call your translation agency, book a call and you will get a complimentary second opinion on how to approach your localization problems.