Translators as a Service

Work directly with translators without the hassle

You know that working directly with translators is the way to go if you want to solve the issues that occur in most localization processes. However, there is a lot that you don’t want to get into, because it just doesn’t scale. Searching the right person, onboarding them, taking care of their payments and all the other tedious admin is not your idea of a fun job. So you turn to an agency to help you.

However, regular translation agencies are stuck in their old ways, unable to offer you what you need as a modern, digital company that wants to provide their users with up-to-date content in all languages.

So here’s your solution.

Is this you?

I don’t know who is working on my translations and results are erratic

Translators don’t seem to understand my product and don’t get my instructions

I am constantly under pressure because I never get translations on time

I would like to hire freelance translators, but the process of finding and educating them is not scalable

I have no visibility on any underlying processes and tracing back issues is almost impossible

TaaS: Translators as a Service

We have found a way to fix the outdated broken model. We call it Translators as a Service (TaaS) – a framework for high quality translations and continuous localization that companies with digital content need today.

Our framework structure is unique yet intuitively simple. It takes agency-side project management out of the equation. You work directly with translators – without having to deal with any of the search or admin, because we’ll do that for you.

The best part?

Our innovative pricing model allows you to scale operations across languages while keeping overhead costs low. Unlike the traditional translation agencies, we don’t mark up the linguists’ hourly prices and our fees don’t change based on how many hours they work.

You own the localization process, with no third-party project managers interfering with it.


Control over process and quality with no dependency on an agency to communicate what you need to the linguists

Increase in quality of translation provided by the linguists who work for you, not for the agency

Improved time to market

Up to 25% cheaper compared to translation agency

And more!

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My name is Anouk Perquin. I have a passion for making things right – and I am using it to fix localization problems.

I want to help you work with translators directly so you can have personal communication, smoother processes and better output.  

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