Translators as a Service

Implementation and offering 



Two-step implementation



The TaaS framework is implemented in two phases – the onboarding and the operational phase.

Onboarding phase 

The onboarding phase is designed to help you find the right talent and make sure everything is set up for success, so you can hit the ground running fast following this process:

  • We’ll run an assessment of your current processes to get an in-depth, accurate understanding of the exact profiles you’re looking for
  • We’ll identify these profiles and set up the appropriate processes, workflows and communication channels
  • Together, we create a repeatable onboarding process
  • Then, we’ll run the pilot phase to make sure that everything is going according to plan and readjust if needed.

The turn around time and costs are dependent on where you are with your localization processes. We’ll create a custom offer after our assessment call

Operational phase:

Plans & pricing

Once the onboarding is completed, the process is up to you. We’ll be involved in the process as much – or as little – as you’d like us to be.

You pay the linguists their hourly fee with no mark-up. All linguists are highly specialized senior professionals with relevant qualifications. Their rates typically range from €40 to €60 per hour depending on the type of service they provide. 

You are in control of how much you want to spend – in the onboarding phase we’ll help you design the pricing model that best suits your needs.

From us, you get dedicated support, quality improvements, faster time to market, and zero admin hassle for a flat monthly fee that never fluctuates. You can choose the degree of support and the services you need in the plans described below.

You can upgrade or downgrade any time. Additionally, you choose any standard or custom agency and consultancy services






Continuous access to a dedicated team of linguists







Community management and training (linguists)







A dedicated consultant on call







Monthly invoicing and financial admin






Back-up service 

(48 hr notice)






New linguist

 (1-2 weeks notice)





Reporting on business KPIs



Facilitating meetings between linguist team and client



Continuous improvement of processes



€ 50 / linguist per month

€ 350 / linguist per month

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Control over process and quality with no dependency on an agency to communicate what you need to the linguists

Increase in quality of translation provided by the linguists who work for you, not for the agency

Improved time to market

Up to 25% cheaper compared to translation agency

And more!

Complimentary Assessment call

My name is Anouk Perquin. I have a passion for making things right – and I am using it to fix localization problems.

I want to help you work with translators directly so you can have personal communication, smoother processes and better output.  

If you also want to work without a middle person – book an assessment call to see where you are!